CEC Conference 2015

The 2015 Crop Engineering Consortium conference was the biggest yet and took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Crop Engineering Consortium (CEC) is an initiative to facilitate the implementation of cutting-edge engineering strategies within a community of projects with the common goal of using biotechnology to increase yields in sub-Saharan Africa. Originally conceived as an alignment of strategies between the three Gates Foundation-sponsored initiatives, ENSA, C4 Rice and RIPE, the support network has since been extended to include researchers from 18 institutions with a shared interest in tackling complex engineering tasks in a diversity of crops species.
The 2015 CEC conference brought seven emerging key technologies to the CEC community and focused the group on identifying and forming collaborations around the new strategies. All CEC members were invited to speak and share their own expertise and experience in the latest technologies while experts from the public and private sector were on hand to offer advice to others who wished to implement similar techniques. Amongst the technologies discussed were CRISPR, machine learning and precision control of gene expression.

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