Golden Gate Platform established at the BecA-ILRI hub

In May 2015, the first BecA-ILRI hub Golden Gate training event took place in Nairobi.

Golden Gate cloning is a method to assemble multiple DNA fragments simultaneously and directionally in a single tube reaction. The modular system of DNA assembly allows the rapid construction of gene expression cassettes from basic parts and the hierarchical assembly of these units into multi-gene constructs for plant transformation. This method can reduce months or years of work to a matter of days and generate multiple constructs that are ready for transformation and testing in plants.
The aim of this workshop was to support BecA in setting up a similar Golden Gate platform on site and train staff on all aspects from how to carry out design, assembling and verifying constructs using the Golden Gate method. There was a lot of time put aside for discussion on individual designs to ensure participants successfully made construct and embed the technology at BecA. This will be the first major technology transfer from JIC to BecA. To establish a Golden Gate platform at BecA the team provided:

  • A core set of constructs to start the platform
  • Access to gene synthesis and NGS sequencing platforms through ENSA
  • BecA management tool website for the new users
  • On-going technical support for individual design advice
  • Protocols for all stages of design, assembly, validation and advanced techniques.


 Read the full Synbio Golden Gate Training Report