November 2015 Golden Gate Training

November 2015 saw the return of the Golden Gate training course to the BecA-ILRI hub. This time the course was open to applicants from all across Eastern and Central Africa.

The Synbio workshop brought together 16 African scientists from 7 countries working on engineering projects in a diversity of crop species. The goal of the 2015 workshop was to train these scientists in the in silico design principals and wet lab skills that would allow them to implement Golden Gate DNA Assembly at their home institutions.
Golden Gate is a simple and highly-efficient method for creating complex multi-gene DNA constructs. Golden Gate has the potential to greatly simplify and accelerate the molecular biology techniques required for research and development projects aimed at crop improvement. The training workshop was hosted at the BecA-ILRI Hub in Nairobi, Kenya when staff have established a platform providing core Golden Gate modules supported by an online parts database accessible across the BecA region.

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