The ASSET 2015 Workshop, Kigali

The 2015 ASSET workshop established new peer mentoring relationships and provided personal development training skills for the next generation of scientists.

ASSET (Agricultural Scientist Support Exchange Team) programme was funded in 2015 by the ENSA project that seeks to promote agricultural development through graduate student capacity building. Additionally, ASSET aims to increase effectiveness of agricultural scientists in the United Kingdom as well as Sub-Saharan Africa by forming lasting collaborative links between the two areas. The programme pairs students from the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa by assessing areas of study and identifying students with similar interests. Both students are then encouraged and supported in professional development of scientific writing through a peer-based network centred on peer-review exchange.


The aim of the ASSET workshop was to:

  • Introduce and pair PhD students with similar interests across labs from developed and developing countries.
  • To provide training in key personal development skills for scientific success.
  • Enable and encourage long-term peer mentoring.
  • Establish an international community of early career scientists.

Read the full ASSET 2015 Report