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Simon Boje Hansen

Simon Boje Hansen

PhD student

Aarhus University

Simon is a Postdoctoral researcher in Kasper R. Andersen’s group and studies ligand perception and signaling of LysM receptor kinases in plant symbiosis and immunity. Simon’s projects include biochemical and structural characterization of NFR1 and NFR5 Nod factor signaling as well as microbial exopolysaccharide signaling by EPR3-type LysM-RKs. He utilizes different biophysical techniques such as biolayer interferometry and microscale thermophoresis to assay receptor-ligand interactions and studies the 3D atomic structure of LysM-RKs by x-ray crystallography and electron microscopy. Simon completed his PhD in Kasper Andersen’s and Jens Stougaard’s group at Aarhus University, Denmark, where he specialized in biochemical and structural studies of LysM-RKs.