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Min-Yao Jhu

Min-Yao Jhu

Postdoctoral researcher

Crop Science Centre

Min-Yao is a postdoctoral research associate at the Crop Science Centre. She received her BS in Life Sciences at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, and her MS in Plant Biology at National Taiwan University, where she studied wounding induced miRNAs in sweet potatoes. After receiving her master’s degree, she worked as a research assistant in Academia Sinica on the regulatory mechanisms of Kranz anatomy development in maize. She then moved to the US and worked with Professor Neelima Sinha on parasitic plant research. Her research focused on haustorium organogenesis in the stem parasitic plant Cuscuta campestris and the host-parasite interaction between Cuscuta and tomato. Min-Yao received her Ph.D. in Plant Biology from the University of California, Davis, in September 2021. She then moved to the UK and joined Giles Oldroyd’s research group. She is currently working on engineering nodule organogenesis in cereals at the Crop Science Centre.