The Vision of ENSA

Engineering Nitrogen Symbiosis for Africa

To Sustainably Increase Yields for Small-holder Farmers

Crop plant productivity is highly dependent on the availability of a nitrogen source and farmers generally provide this as either inorganic fertilisers or as organic fertilisers (manure). Small-holder farmers in sub-saharan Africa have little access to either organic or inorganic fertilisers and as a result their crop yields are very limited.

The Dependence of Agriculture on Nitrogen

Using our understanding of Biological Nitrogen Fixation

In the ENSA project we aim to use naturally occurring biological nitrogen fixation to deliver useful levels of nitrogen to crop plants in small-holder farms of sub-saharan Africa.

Symbiosis and Engineering a Solution

To Produce Better Solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa

We hope to achieve significant yield increases for these farmers and to do so without the need for additional chemical inputs.

A Community Working to Realise the Vision