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Laura Perez-Fons

Laura Perez-Fons

Research officer

Royal Holloway University of London

Laura has over 20 years’ experience in developing analytical workflows from sample preparation to data interpretation using different platforms (LC-MS, LC-PDA/FL, GC-MS) for detecting, identifying and quantifying chemically different metabolites in microbial, plant and food samples. The application of this technology to carry out metabolomics studies (targeted and non-targeted) in Prof. Paul D. Fraser’s group has been the main research area over the past 15 years. These type of studies have led to identification of a novel carotenoid pathway in Bacillus or the metabolite profiles defining tomato fruit quality traits. More recently, the technology has been applied in projects aimed to characterise cassava metabolic and genetic natural diversity, and in particular those biochemical mechanisms associated to whitefly resistance in cassava. Coordinating several metabolomics training courses for researchers has also been enabled thanks to funding from EU-COST Action networks or BBSRC-DTP programs.


1 Mar 2022Datasets from harmonised metabolic phenotyping of root, tuber and banana crop Author(s): Drapal M, Price EJ, Perez-Fons L, Becerra LA, Fraser PD.

4 Feb 2017The regulation of carotenoid formation in tomato fruit Author(s): Enfissi EMA, et al., Fraser PD.

18 Nov 2020The metabotyping of an East African cassava diversity panel: A core collection for developing biotic stress tolerance in cassava Author(s): Perez-Fons L, Ovalle TM, Maruthi MN, Colvin J, Lopez-Lavalle LAB, Fraser PD

21 Jul 2020A transcriptomic, metabolomic and cellular approach to the physiological adaptation of tomato fruit to high temperature Author(s): Almeida J, Perez-Fons L, Fraser PD.