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Margit Drapal

Margit Drapal

Research Assistent

Royal Holloway University of London

With a Chemistry/Biochemistry background, Margit has developed metabolomic expertise across multiple analytical platforms and applied these skills to microorganisms and plants to answer key biological questions. Working on the CGIAR Roots, Tubers and Banana programme provided first-hand experience working with partners in the “global South” and the breeding of improved staple crops for these regions.


11 May 2023The potential of metabolomics in assessing global compositional changes resulting from the application of CRISPR/Cas9 technologies Author(s): Margit Drapal, Eugenia M A Enfissi, Juliana Almeida, Elzbieta Rapacz, Marilise Nogueira, Paul D Fraser

29 Aug 2022Changes in carbon allocation and subplastidal amyloplast structures of specialised Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) storage root phenotypes Author(s): Margit Drapal, Christopher Gerrish, Paul D Fraser

9 Apr 2022Metabolomic approaches for the characterization of carotenoid metabolic engineering in planta Author(s): Laura Perez-Fons, Margit Drapal, Marilise Nogueira, Harriet M Berry, Juliana Almeida, Eugenia M A Enfissi, Paul D Fraser

7 Apr 2022The chemotype core collection of genus Nicotiana Author(s): Margit Drapal, Eugenia M A Enfissi, Paul D Fraser

29 Jul 2021Metabolic changes in leaves of N. tabacum and N. benthamiana during plant development Author(s): Margit Drapal, Eugenia M A Enfissi, Paul D Fraser

26 May 2020Exploring the chemotypes underlying important agronomic and consumer traits in cassava (Manihot esculenta crantz) Author(s): Margit Drapal, Tatiana M Ovalle Rivera, Luis Augusto Becerra Lopez-Lavalle, Paul D Fraser

1 Aug 2023The assessment of changes to the nontuberculous mycobacterial metabolome in response to anti-TB drugs Author(s): Margit Drapal, Paul R Wheeler, Paul D Fraser