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Martina Orvosova

Martina Orvosova

PhD student

Crop Science Centre

PhD student in the Cereal Symbiosis group in the Crop Science Centre at the University of Cambridge focusing on phosphate uptake in rice in variable conditions and the interplay of direct uptake and symbiotic uptake.


24 Oct 2022Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi induce lateral root development in angiosperms via a conserved set of MAMP receptors. Author(s): Chiu CH, Roszak P, Orvošová M, Paszkowski U.

26 Feb 2024Light-sensitive short hypocotyl genes confer symbiotic nodule identity in the legume Medicago truncatula Author(s): Lee T, Orvosova M, Batzenschlager M, Bueno Batista M, Bailey PC, Mohd-Radzman NA, Gurzadyan A, Stuer N, Mysore KS, Wen J,