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Morgane Batzenschlager

Morgane Batzenschlager

Postdoctoral researcher

University of Freiburg

Morgane Batzenschlager joined the ENSA project in December 2017 as a postdoctoral researcher in the team of Prof. Thomas Ott (University of Freiburg). She earned her master’s degree in Plant biology and valorisation and went on to earn her doctorate in Life sciences at the University of Strasbourg (2014). Specialized in cellular and molecular biology, she is interested in the mechanisms allowing particular cell types to complete or not cell division. She notably investigated various levels of centromere and microtubule cytoskeleton regulation in plant (2011-2014), but also mammalian and human cells and tissues (2014-2017).

As part of the ENSA consortium, Morgane is now characterizing potential engineering targets restricted to the nitrogen-fixing clade, as well as how infection competence connects to cell cycle control. In this frame, she established and uses versatile fluorescent sensors to study the characteristic features of cortical cells placed on the infection thread trajectory.

Science areas: Plant intracellular symbioses – Cell cycle progression – Confocal microscopy