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Nikolaj Abel

Nikolaj Abel

Postdoctoral researcher

Aarhus University

I am a post doc at Aarhus University, I am working on signaling downstream of ligand perception. My key area of research is to understand the phosphor code on receptor kinases after perception of symbiotic bacteria. In order to perform my research I work on multiple receptor kinases in the model organism Lotus japonicus. I employ phosphor enrichment and perform mass spectrometry in order to identify specific phosphor sites. Furthermore, I employ proximity labeling in order to identify novel interactors of the symbiotic receptor kinases to understand how the signal is transmitted from the plasma membrane to the nucleus. In the future, I plan to use the knowledge gained in Lotus japonicus to investigate similar processes in Barley and Maize.

Before joining Aarhus University as a post doc, I did my PhD at Freiburg University working on membrane organizing with a focus on remorin proteins (Abel et al 2021), optogenetic where I was involved in the development of a plant usable light inducible promoter (Ochoa-Fernandez, Abel et al 2020) and establishment of proximity labeling in plants using TurboID (Arora, Abel et al 2020). I did my undergrads at Aarhus University working on small RNAs role in root nodule symbiosis (Tsikou et al 2018).