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Paul Fraser

Paul Fraser

Professor of Biochemistry

Royal Holloway University of London

Prof Paul D. Fraser (PDF) has over 30-years’ experience working on the biosynthesis, regulation, and engineering of plastid derived isoprenoids. Over 200 peer reviewed articles have been published. Prof Fraser has coordinated multiple large integrated EU consortia within FP7 and acted as the management board chair for the BBSRC-NIBB High Value Chemicals from Plants and High Value Biorenewables till 2021. He is the consortium lead for the BBSRC-GCRF Nutrifood project and BBSRC 21EBTA-Celfacto. Presently Prof Fraser is the Departmental of Biological Sciences Director of Research at Royal Holloway University of London. His works cover the disciplines of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics, and integrative biology, especially


28 Jan 2023Carotenoid retention during post-harvest storage of Capsicum annuum: the role of the fruit surface structure Author(s): Alexandra C. Holden, Hagai Cohen, V. Rickett Daniel, Asaph Aharoni, Paul D. Fraser

6 Jan 2023The FIBRILLIN multigene family in tomato, their roles in plastoglobuli structure and metabolism Author(s): Juliana Almeida, Laura Perez-Fons, Margit Drapal, Kit Liew, Paul D. Fraser

25 Jan 2023The characterisation of phytoene synthase-1 and 2, and 1-D-deoxy-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase genes from red chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum) Author(s): Harriet M. Berry, Nan Zhou, Daniel V. Rickett, Charles J. Baxter, Eugenia M. A. Enfissi, Paul D. Fraser

2 Dec 2022Integrated genetic and metabolic characterisation of diverse Latin American cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) germplasm; implications for future breeding strategies Author(s): L Perez-Fons, TM Ovalle, M Drapal, MA Ospina, A Bohorquez-Chaux, LA Becerra Lopez-Lavalle, PD Fraser

10 Jan 2023Ketocarotenoid production in tomato triggers metabolic reprogramming and cellular adaptation: The quest for homeostasis? Author(s): Marilise Nogueira, Eugenia M. A. Enfissi, Elliott J. Price, Guillaume N. Menard, Eudri Venter, Peter J. Eastmond, Einat Bar, Efraim Lewinsohn, Paul D. Fraser

21 Apr 2022Potato virus X -delivered CRISPR activation programs lead to strong endogenous gene induction and transient metabolic reprogramming in Nicotiana benthamiana Author(s): S Selma, S Gianoglio, M Uranga, M Vázquez-Vilar, A Espinosa-Ruiz, M Drapal, PD Fraser, JA Daròs, D Orzaez

7 Apr 2022The chemotype core collection of genus Nicotiana Author(s): Drapal, M. Enfissi, EMA and Fraser, P.D. Nicotiana.

13 Sep 2017A new plant-based source of ketocarotenoids for aquaculture feed. Author(s): Nogueira, N., Enfissi, EMA., Maria Martinez, M., Menard, GNC., Driller, L., Eastmond, PJ., Schuch, W., Sandmann, G. and Fraser, PD.

7 Feb 2017The regulation of carotenoid formation in tomato fruit Author(s): Enfissi, EMA., Nogueira, M., Bramley, PM., Fraser, PD

29 Aug 2017Creating plant molecular factories for industrial and nutritional isoprenoid production Author(s): Nogueira, M., Enfissi, EMA., Almeida, J., Fraser, PD.

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